Following certificates are available at the automatic certificate machines.

Types of certificate Degree Students Non-Degree Students Notes
  Registration certificate Yes Yes Japanese and English
  Registration certificate & academic transcript Yes See Notes Excluding research students and special research students
* Certificates of expected degree & academic transcript Yes No  
* Certification of expected graduation Yes No Japanese and English
* Certification of expected completion Yes No Japanese and English
  Certification for student JR fare reduction Yes No Valid for 3 months from the date of issue
  Student dormitory certification Yes Yes

Resident only
Japanese and English

  Academic transcript in English Yes See Notes Excluding research students and special research students
* Certification of expected license Yes See Notes Future graduates and applicable non-degree students
  Certification of registered term Yes Yes Japanese and English
  JR school request Yes No Fillout and submit to the Student Affairs Section of your faculty
  Health certificate Yes Yes Only students who have taken all medical checkup items for the periodic health examination.
Japanese and English
** Certificate of academic degree
Yes Yes Japanese and English Graduate students only
** Certificates of academic degree & academic transcript Yes Yes May be excluded depending on faculty or year of enrollment
** Certificates of academic degree in English & Academic transcript Yes Yes

Certificates with "*" are issued from April 25 of final year of enrollment to 2 days before the degree conferral ceremony. However, there are unavailable periods other than described above.
Certificates with "**" are for the current graduate students who graduated from Kanazawa University after 1999. However, students must request certificate at the student affairs office if there is blank period between enrollment and completion. 

Note) We do not enclose the certificates issued by automatic certificate machine. However, if public office require them to be enclosed, please bring the certificates to the student affairs office of your department with any evidence which mention that the certificate must be enclosed.

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