The Future Vision of Kanazawa University “Kokorozashi”


Japanese calligraphy written by President WADA

Kanazawa University hereby presents its future vision, Kokorozashi (aspirations). This vision is based on our philosophy, as stated in the Charter of Kanazawa University, of being “a research university dedicated to education, and open to local and global societies”.

Kanazawa University was founded in 1862 as Kaga Domain’s Hikoso Vaccination Center. We are a comprehensive university that has inherited the history and traditions of our predecessor schools, including the Fourth Higher School, Ishikawa Normal School, Ishikawa Youth Normal School, Kanazawa Higher Normal School, Kanazawa Medical College, and Kanazawa Industrial College.

Building on the history of our predecessors, Kanazawa University’s vision of Kokorozashi expresses our unwavering will for the future, both within the university and in society.

Our goal is to contribute to society through “future-oriented intelligence”, which means exploring and overcoming future issues, as well as solving current issues, by utilizing two perspectives – local and global.
With this in mind, our research, education, and administrative aspirations are as follows:
Research: Establish ourselves as a global research base through the development of innovative, world-class research.
Education: Foster core leaders of society recognized and respected as “Kanazawa University graduates”.
Administration: Realize sustainable and autonomous management and administration that creates a virtuous cycle of people, knowledge, and global society.

These three aspirations are closely related to each other. Research and education form a positive loop with a mutually positive impact. At the same time, this is supported by solid administration and management. The vision of Kanazawa University is to integrate these three functions and contribute to society through “future-oriented intelligence”.

Building on our basic philosophy, our vision for the future – Kokorozashi – and aspirations for research, education, and administration have led us to develop missions for what Kanazawa University should aim for at this stage, and individual action plans for what Kanazawa University needs to do with urgency.

This vision for the future, as well as our missions and the action plans derived from them, can only be realized when students, faculty, and staff share the vision and work together. Thus, we will treasure each and every student and faculty member as an asset of Kanazawa University, and we will strive to follow an “all Kanazawa University” approach.

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