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All of Kanazawa University Working as One, Contributing to Society by Creating “Future-oriented Intelligence”


WADA Takashi, Kanazawa University President


 I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed the 12th President of Kanazawa University. The basic philosophy of the university, as stated in the Charter of Kanazawa University, is that it is “a research university dedicated to education, while opening up its doors to both local and global society”. As “Kanazawa University, where the students and faculty have pride and affection, and people can shine”, we are determined to work with enthusiasm and unyielding determination so that we can achieve further development. We thank you for your support on this journey.

 As the world rapidly changes, Kanazawa University will contribute to a hopeful society. We will lead the way in solving contemporary issues through the use of “comprehensive knowledge”. This integrates all types of knowledge that mankind has at its disposal, creating “Future-oriented Intelligence”: the wisdom to explore future issues and overcome them. We will also foster “Kanazawa University-brand” human resources with the ability to become core leaders in the international community.


 Today, the structure of industry is changing at an ever-accelerating pace due to advances in AI and robotics technologies, as well as digital transformation (DX). Even in Japan, a futuristic vision of economic development and solutions to social issues is coming to fruition. A “Super-Smart Society 5.0” is being realized, which fuses virtual space and the physical world. At the same time, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are being advocated to address global-scale problems caused by human activities, and the international community as a whole is making various efforts toward the “sustainable development” of human society. Moving forward, Kanazawa University, as a national university corporation, has a responsibility to play an increasingly important role, placing emphasis on its public-spiritedness in response to the demands of society.


 The history of Kanazawa University begins with the Kaga Domain’s Hikoso Vaccination Center, which was founded in 1862. It is a comprehensive university that inherits the history and traditions of its predecessor schools, including the Fourth Higher School, Ishikawa Normal School, Ishikawa Youth Normal School, Kanazawa Higher Normal School, Kanazawa Medical College, and Kanazawa Industrial College. It is located in the wonderful environment of Kanazawa city, a university town, where a rich traditional culture has been fostered. Over its long history spanning 160 years, it has contributed to the rise of higher education and academic research in Japan, and has developed into a key university representing the side of the country facing the Sea of Japan. To this day, we continue to tirelessly innovate to contribute to the region and the world through education, research, and contributions to society based on these activities.


 On the academic front, in April 2008, we shifted from a traditional undergraduate department system to an academic discipline system, which made it possible for us to provide advanced and flexible learning that is essential for the next generation. In 2016, we set forth the Kanazawa University Global Standards (KUGS) to create an image of the human resources to be cultivated in undergraduate and graduate programs. We are strengthening our interdisciplinary liberal arts education and also STEAM education in order to develop such human resources. In April 2021, a new academic endeavor known as the College of Transdisciplinary Sciences for Innovation was established as a center for education that integrates the humanities and sciences in response to Society 5.0, and the School of Entrepreneurial and Innovation Studies was also launched. In April 2022, the School of Tourism Sciences and Design will be newly established within the same college to utilize the characteristics of the region, further deepening the available scope of study with a total of 4 Colleges and 19 Schools.

In the future, we will continue to create a learning environment in which students can “teach and nurture themselves” so that they can further develop their expertise while also acquiring broad-ranging knowledge.


 With regard to research, we will promote the formation of a research center that is among the best in the world, strengthen its functions through a group of flagship research institutes including the world-class Nano Life Science Institute, and boldly take on the challenges of the global issues and unexplored areas that humanity will face in the future.

 Furthermore, we hope to utilize the university’s expansive campus to accelerate the creation of new value through social co-creation, by promoting open innovation and social implementation of research results through collaboration between industry, academia, government, and finance.


 In order to achieve these goals, we will reform management, strengthen functions that integrate education and research, and establish a “Kanazawa model” for university innovation and human resource development.

 We will also create a diversity-friendly environment, where all students, faculty, and staff can demonstrate the full potential of their abilities and ignite high aspirations in their studies, research, and work.

 Kanazawa University will become a hub for international innovation that forms a positive growth cycle of people, knowledge, and society through its unrelenting efforts, facilitating positive social impact. With the combined efforts of our faculty and staff, all of Kanazawa University will work as one to contribute to the development of both our local community and the world, and to continue to be the vibrant “Kanazawa University that is loved locally and shines brightly in the world”.


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