Charter of KU

Humankind, despite repeated acts of creation and destruction, has succeeded over the course of its long history in enhancing an understanding of nature and various social phenomena, and has thereby developed a highly public culture. Universities, which hav e the responsibility of carrying out academic research, have served to bind generations together through creation of knowledge and fostering of talent, and consequently have contributed to the formation and development of a diverse society. Now a new era has dawned, in which numerous people cross national boundaries to cooperate on a global scale.

Kanazawa University, inheriting the tradition of its predecessor school, was established in 1949. After coming through the turbulent postwar period, the University has certainly contributed towards the development of Japan and the world. However, with its new start as a National University Corporation, the time has come to inquire once again into the true meaning of being “a university dedicated to society.”

Kanazawa University has the goal of becoming “a research university dedicated to education, while opening up its doors to both local and global society.” With this objective the university will work on reform, in the belief that its activities will contribute to 1) the opening up of a new 21st century era, and 2) the promotion of world peace and the sustainable development of humankind. Kanazawa University shall hereby establish its charter based on the above ideology and objectives.


  1. Kanazawa University shall accept motivated students with various talents and competencies, giving consideration to collaboration with various educational institutes, recurrent education for adults, international student education and lifelong learning. The university will implement a quality educational program with clearly defined objectives at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  2. Kanazawa University shall respect the individuality of students as well as their right to learn, having self-study as the basis of education. Organized faculty development activities geared towards educational reform will be enhanced in order to foster the ability to acquire specialized knowledge and the capability to pursue problems. Furthermore, our faculty members are adaptable to international society, are of high moral character, and have personalities rich in human qualities.


  1. Kanazawa University shall endeavor to cultivate the intellect of students in all of its forms — from that required for fundamental research dealing with the pursuit of truth, to that required for practical research directly connected to technology. The university shall thus actively contribute to society by opening up new academic fields and by promoting the transfer of technology and the creation of new industry.
  2. Kanazawa University shall provide its members with an environment suitable for carrying out research, independently guaranteeing academic freedom and healthy competition, regardless of the field of study, i.e. whether it be humanities, social sciences, natural sciences or medicine, and regardless of the type of research, i.e. whether it be fundamental or applied research. Furthermore, the university shall promote prospective research and train young researchers, thereby maintaining a structure capable of challenging the status quo at all times, and bringing out its own distinct characteristics.

Social Contribution

  1. Kanazawa University shall use its resources to promote the development of academic culture and lay the foundations for the educational, medical and welfare systems of the region. Serving as a stronghold of intellect in East Asia, it shall continue to disseminate information to the globalizing world.
  2. Kanazawa University shall fulfill its responsibility as “a research university dedicated to education, open to both the local and global community”, by extending student education from the pre-entrance to post-graduation period, by utilizing and managing intellectual property resulting from academic research to actively contribute to society, and by promoting the development and popularization of advanced medical services.


  1. Kanazawa University shall apply an autonomous and self-reliant administrative policy, and all departments shall work organically with each other, while developing their own characteristics based on their respective specialties and roles. Moreover, the University shall evaluate the extent to which plans have been carried out, and implement constant reforms including revision of the organization and its systems.
  2. Kanazawa University shall utilize grants from the government and funds raised independently in a judicious and systematic manner. The University, while paying respect to human rights, will provide its members with a secure environment suitable for devotion to their duties. Furthermore, as a National University Corporation serving the public, it shall fulfill its duties in the area of social accountability.
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