The First Kanazawa University Photo Contest

The First Kanazawa University Photo Contest(>日本語)

 We are collecting photographs of active campus life at Kanazawa University. To take part in the Contest, take a photograph of your favorite location or scenery in Kanazawa University.

□Guidelines for Submission


– Current and former Kanazawa University students

– Faculty and staff of Kanazawa University

– Parents and guardians of the current Kanazawa University students

Application Period  - Friday, August1, 2014 to Tuesday, September 30, 2014

・Grand Prize (one person):10,000yen bookstore gift certificate

・Performance Award (one person): 5,000yen bookstore gift certificate

・3rd Place Award (one person): 3,000yen bookstore gift certificate

・Idea Award (two people): 1,000yen bookstore gift certificate

Theme  Photographs taken at your favorite location or scenery in Kanazawa University. e.g.) campus landscape, classroom scenes, afterschool activities and so on.
Contest Rules

・Up to 5 photographs per person.

・The photograph must not be processed, synthesized or be a set of photos.

・We accept only unpublished photographs.

・The permission for usage of portrait must be gotten from each person in the photograph before submission.

・Mobile phone, digital camera, or any other type of camera can be used to take the photograph.

・The submitted photograph may be used in print, on a website or any electronics media.

How to Apply

・Send photographs by email to the address at the end of this Guidelines.(You can use File Transfer Service. →

・The email attachments must not exceed 5 MB in total and must be in JPG file format.

・The email message must include the following.

 1. The date and place you took the photograph.

 2. The reason you took the photograph.(in 30 words or less)
  ※Please let us know which comment applies to which photograph.

 3.Your occupation

 4.Your full name

 5.Your email address

Where to send the email and photographs

※The email attachments must not exceed 5 MB.


・Koetsu Yamazaki (President)

・Masayoshi Shibata(Vice President (Education and Student Affairs))

・Koichi Iiyama(Advisor to the President(Public Relations and Strategy))

・Kumiko Kitamura(Chief, Public Relations Office)

・Haruka Arai(Student , Vice President of Kanazawa University Photo Club)

Announcement of the Result  The result will be announced in the middle of October on Kanazawa University’s web site. (
Copyright and the Right of Use

・Applicants retain the copyright for the content submitted.

・Kanazawa University will take the right of use of the submitted photographs. 

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