Please check here for requirements of the tuition fee exemption (Japanese text only).

令和2(2020)年度 授業料免除申請の主な変更点等について
Main points of modification for application methods of the tuition fee exemption in 2020FY (Japanese text only).

令和2(2020)年度 前期分授業料免除 ー家計急変ー
Tuition Fee Exemption for the Academic Year 2020 First Semester (For students whose household finances has suddenly changed)
For students whose household finances has suddenly changed due to influence of COVID-19

Although the application acceptance for tuition fee exemption in the first semester of 2020 FY has been finished, it will be started the application acceptance for students whose households have suddenly got worse due to influence of COVID-19.
The tuition fee for the first semester in 2020 FY will be exempted after thorough examination.
Students who want to apply for it, please chacek the following and apply.

 Application Period: June 15 (Mon)- June 25 (Thu), 2020 (excluding weekends and holidays)

 Application Wndow: Student Support Section, Student Support Division, Students Affairs Department

                                    (2F, Administration Office, Kakuma campus)

 For the details, please confirm with "Application Guideline"

 1.学域学類,総合教育部学生用(申込案内)(for Undergraduate Students)
 2.大学院,別科生用(申込案内)Application Guideline (for Graduate Students)

   Click here for an example that is recognized as a public support in this application. (Japanese text only).

【注意 / Note】
   No reservation required. Application in paper only (no web entry).
   Please submit the application documents by e-mail. However, after the prohibition of school attendance is lifted, it will be
  accepted at the counter, too.
  Those who have already applied for regular tuition exemption for the first semester of 2020 FY, they can apply for this one if
  their household has suddenly changed due to COVID-19. The result of the regular tuition exemption will be notified around July.
   Applications after the deadline will not be accepted for any reason.
  The result of the examination will be notified by the message on the Acanthus portal. We will not notify you by mail, so please
  check the message on the Acanthus portal periodically.


様式 / Application Form

 All documents should be printed out A4 sized and single-sided copy.

○ 様式1-1,1-2(全員必須)/ Form 1-1, 1-2 (All applicants must submit)
 ・大学院,別科生用様式1-1,1-2)/ Form 1-1,1-2 (for Graduate Students)

○ 様式2 就学状況証明願 [PDF]
○ 様式3 給与支給(見込)証明書 / Form 3 (Expected) Payment Certificate [PDF]
○ 様式4 年金・恩給に関する申立書 [PDF]
○ 様式5 雇用保険に関する申立書 [PDF]
○ 様式6 母子・父子世帯に関する申立書 [PDF]
○ 様式7 理由書
○ 私費外国人留学生家計収支状況 / The Financial Situation Form for Privately Financed International Student [PDF]
○ 独立生計者の家計収支状況 [PDF]
○ 所得証明書が発行できない理由書  / The Reason why Income Certificate can not be issued [PDF]
○ 所得に関する証明書(見本)[PDF]

○ 損害額申告書(申請前6ヶ月以内に風水害等の災害にあった方は提出)[PDF]
○ 授業料免除申請大学院学生推薦調書(医学系大学院1年生後期・2年生以上が提出)[PDF]
  Students of the Graduate School of Medical (Doctoral Course in Medicine, Master's Course in Medical Sciences) and Graduate
  School of Advanced Preventive Medical Sciences, they must submit this form "授業料免除申請大学院学生推薦調書" when
  applying for tuition fee exemption at the following time.
  ・In the second semester of the 1st grade (Only students who enroled in April)
  ・From the first semester of the 2nd grade onwards(All Studens).
  *No need for Students of School of  Health Science, School of Pharmacy, School of Pharmceutical Sciences.

*Only for Japanese and Paermanetal Residents etc.

免除関係規則 / Related Rules
*Japanese text only



□ 金沢大学授業料免除及び授業料徴収猶予規程[PDF]
□ 金沢大学授業料免除等選考基準細則[PDF]




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