Kanazawa University Promotional Video「Found it Here」

In 202X, a woman is leading a fulfilling life.

One day, she looks back on the days when she was studying at Kanazawa University, 10 years ago.



This video shows the positive attitude of Kanazawa University toward its globalization through the life of an international student.
The director, Mr. Takeshi Maruyama, was born and brought up in Kanazawa, and he has been successful in film direction through his works with AKB48 and other music groups. The video shootings were conducted on October 7 and 8, 2015, and more than 100 people including KU students, faculty and administrative staff participated.


Born in Kanazawa
In 2005, his independent film called “Escargot” won a prize at a film festival.
He has directed a lot of music videos of AKB48, one of the most famous Japanese idol groups, and other groups such as SKE48 and Nogizaka46.



“Message from the Director”

It was the first time to be engaged in a production set in Kanazawa, my home town, in my 10-year career as a film director.
The days in Kanazawa were bright and happy.
Unparalleled charm of the sophisticated streetscape
Inimitable natural beauty, embraced in a broad campus
Every time I came to Kanazawa, I got excited.
I and producer Annen, who is also from Kanazawa, didn’t stop being moved by how willingly and warmly the KU staff and more than 100 students cooperated to the production.
Fine weather unlikely for Kanazawa
Halation softly getting into the lens
Natural smile of Violetta
Interaction of the students so real that no camera can distract
Everything was perfect.
Though it might sound exaggerating, the production was accomplished incredibly smoothly.
I’m honored to have directed the promotional video of Kanazawa University, which strives to develop human resources to lead the global society in the future. Also, just as the theme “Found it Here,” I found something precious for me through the production.
Best wishes for the vision 10 years from today.

Thank you.


The lead actress
Violetta Razdumina

It was the first time for me to visit Kanazawa.
I was excited to think about people and a city I would encounter.
At the same time, I was nervous since everything was new to me.
However, when I went for a meal with a production team for the first time, I realized that people in Kanazawa are so kind and open-minded.
The team members were hardworking yet sociable, and the local people in Kanazawa were very kind.
I got impressed by young girls who talked and kindly waved their hands to me. Their smile cheered me up.
I felt so happy when schoolchildren said “Hello!” to me because I rarely talk to strangers in such a friendly way in Tokyo.
Students of Kanazawa University also kindly cooperated to the production.
I visited various places with them and had so much fun. I’m truly grateful to them and I do hope to meet them again.
Kanazawa was a wonderful city with a mixture of many beautiful spots, bustling shopping area, and abundant nature which I like. Also, rice was delicious.
I’d like to visit Kanazawa again in a private and show this wonderful city of Japan to my friends who have never been to Kanazawa.
Thank you for the delightful three days from the bottom of my heart!


Film Production
Spoon Inc.

Kanazawa University develops human resources to lead the global society.
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