Congratulatory video message from Vice-President Shimurato the photo exhibition
“The Other Japan” at Ghent University

“The Other Japan”, a documentary photography project by students at the Institute Japanese Language and Culture was held at the Vandenhove Pavilion, the interfaculty study center in Ghent University. At the opening ceremony held on August 24, a congratulatory video message from Prof. SHIMURA Megumi, Vice-President for International Affairs, was put on the screen. Kanazawa City and Ghent City have been sister cities since 1971, and Kanazawa University and Ghent University concluded the Agreement on Cooperation and Exchange in 2009. Since then, many students have studied at both universities as exchange students. The exhibition features photographs taken in Kanazawa and other parts of Japan by students at the Institute Japanese Language and Culture while they studied in Japan. The works can also be viewed on the official website.

From November 30 to December 15, 2020, a pre-event of this project, “Other Japan”, was held at the Book Lounge in the Kanazawa University Central Library.


The Other Japan

AUG 24 – SEP 11, 2021