The 9th International Student Homecoming Day First Took Place Online

Posted: 2020-11-6
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On October 31, “The 9th International Student Homecoming Day” first took place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event was held together with the Homecoming Day, and this year approximately 100 participants including international alumni, international students, etc. attended from all over the world.

At the 1st session, President Koestu Yamazaki gave an opening remark and he stressed the importance of maintain human networks. Then as a keynote speech, Mr. Vadim Bushmakin of Nomi International Exchange Association reminded his campus days and experience after graduation.

After that the event broke-out for several rooms includes "KU Alumni Sharing Job-Hunting Experience" hosted by “Kagayaki-Tsunagu” Hokuriku–Shinshu Employment Promotion Program, each KU Overseas Alumni Meetings and a Tearoom which open to anyone.

Through this event it was turned out that there is somehow an advantage with holding this kind of event online in terms of the accessibility that all alumni could join from their location.  We believe participants enjoyed active conversations with international alumni and teachers.

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