“To the Space from KU” A Lecture by KU Alumni Takes Place

On November 26, Mr. Sam Eshima, an alumni of the School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Engineering of KU who currently studies in the doctoral course of Graduate School of Colorado University in the United States, delivered a lecture titled “To the Universe from KU” at Kakuma Campus, and 50 students, faculty and staff attended. This event was organized by a student group of “KU-SGU student staff” which promotes the SGU project at KU by their ideas and views.

In the first section, Mr. Eshima gave a lecture titled “An astronaut in the making tells a future of the universe.” He talked on the topic of manned space flight in his research field and experience of the internship in NASA. Afterward, the audience asked questions actively.

In the second section, a workshop titled “What kind of place the Graduate schools in abroad are??” took place with 10 students interested in going on to graduate schools abroad. They exchanged information interactively with Mr. Eshima about a graduate school student’s life in the U.S., preparation for studying in graduate schools abroad, and so on.

At the end, Mr. Eshima left with a message: “First of all, work hard on whatever you can do right now, in addition, find out your strengths. When you use them strategically, the path will open up in front of you.”