The 8th International Student Homecoming Day Takes Place

On October 26, “The 8th International Student Homecoming Day” took place together with the 13th Homecoming Day, and approximately 50 persons including international alumni, international students, etc. attended from within and outside the university.

At the beginning, Vice President Yoshio Otani delivered a welcome address. Then career support systems and programs provided by Kanazawa University including “Kagayaki-Tsunagu” Hokuriku–Shinshu Employment Promotion Program for International Students were introduced.

In the next part, the alumni and students had chance to talk in person. Thanks to our excellent alumni, this event was so successful. We believe that the attended students could obtain clearer vision and good insight into employment in Japan.

Many international students enjoyed active conversations with international alumni at the lunch meeting and the Homecoming Day was closed with a promise of another meeting next year.