Kanazawa Day at Tsinghua Takes Place in Beijing

On May 23, Tsinghua University, our department-level partner, hosted a joint symposium, Kanazawa Day. President Koetsu Yamazaki and 24 staff and students from Kanazawa University participated in the event. This event was held for the purpose of further exchange between Tsinghua University and Kanazawa University and also the symposium on environment and architecture was held.

The symposium opened with greeting remarks by Bin Yang, Vice President of Tsinghua University and  Koetsu Yamazaki, President of Kanazawa University, and 6 faculty from Tsinghua University and 7 from Kanazawa University made presentations on the themes of Waste Water Treatment, Air Pollution and Energy Reuse, and Urban Planning.

There is much anticipation for more active researcher and student exchanges between the two universities from this symposium.

Moreover, on the 22nd, a research exchange conference took place also at Tsinghua University, and 11 KU graduate students and 11 graduate students from Tsinghua took part.