Kanazawa University Held International Students’ Gathering 2018

Posted: 2018-12-28
English News

On December 20, “Kanazawa University International Students Gathering” was held at a local hotel. About 340 people participated in the gathering and there were not only the students and the faculties from Kanazawa University but also guests from outside such as the local international relations officials.

This gathering is held every year to deepen the relationship and international understanding between the students of Kanazawa University and local communities as well as to express our gratitude to those who help the international students in different ways.

During the gathering, all participants enjoyed watching and listening various kinds of foreign dances, music and songs performed by international students from China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and a team of the school of International Education. Residents of Ishikawa International Students House also presented Japanese traditional performing arts such as Shamisen and their beautiful music and dance. These various performances mesmerized audience.

The event successfully finished and all participants spent a pleasant time.



  • ベトナム人留学生による民族ダンス
  • インドネシア人留学生による音楽演奏
  • 留学生教育部学生による唄の披露
  • 懇談会後の集合写真
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