Kanazawa University hosts the Five Asian University Presidents’ Forum in Kanazawa

Posted: 2011-11-12
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On November 12th, Kanazawa University hosted the “Five Asian University Presidents’ Forum in Kanazawa” as a part of the university’s 150-anniversary commemoration events, and 400 people participated.

The purpose of this event was to hear the “live voices” of our important partner universities in Asia, and to consider together the present and the future of the roles of universities in the “Asian Cultural Sphere.” Former President Xu Zhihong of Peking University in China, Vice President and Acting President Kim Duck Jool of Pusan National University in Korea, President Pongsak Angkasith of Chiang Mai University in Thailand, President Mai Trong Nhuan of Vietnam National University, Hanoi in Vietnam, and President Shin-ichi Nakamura of Kanazawa University participated, and they held discussions.

In the initial greeting, President Nakamura offered his thanks to the congregation, and he stated that “This Forum will be a catalyst for sustainable cooperation and development of all Asian universities.” The greeting was followed by a brilliant performance, a han-noh “Shakkyo.”

In the keynote speeches, each president spoke about issues in their respective positions and ideals to pass on to future generations. During the panel discussion, President Emeritus Hiroto Ishida of Kanazawa Gakuin University was the Presenter, and the five presidents offered their opinions on the meaning of studying abroad and the roles of universities. They reviewed the roles of universities toward cooperation and harmony in the East Asian Cultural Sphere.

  • 中村信一 学長 Shin-ichi Nakamura,President of Kanazawa University
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