Kanazawa University Held International Students’ Gathering 2011

Posted: 2011-11-13
English News

On November 13th, Kanazawa University International Students’ Gathering was held in Hotel Kanazawa. International students, university faculty, and the regional international relations officials attended the gathering. Total number of participants was 400 people.

This gathering is held every December to show appreciation to the supporters of international students. It also aims to promote further international exchange. This year, the gathering became more grand than ever before, since it was held as a part of the Five Asian University Presidents’ Forum and three Asian presidents joined in the gathering.

In this gathering, three elaborate performances were provided by international students: dance with Vietnamese hats, solo performance of Chinese song, and dance and performance of Indonesian bamboo percussion. Every performance was gorgeous and spectacular, and the gathering was totally warmed up by these performers. In addition, Japanese drum “Taiko” was performed by the Moriyama Momiji Taiko Club; some of the international students are the members of this club. Participants spent a pleasant time being fascinated by the beat of the drum sounds, which resonated to the core of one’s body, and exchanging useful information with a variety of participants.

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