Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam has awarded the Honorary Professor for Prof. Teruhiko Kido, Faculty of Health Sciences.

ハノイ医科大学 Nguyen Duc Hinh 学長(左)と城戸照彦教授(右)

Hanoi Medical University has awarded the title of Honorary Professor for Prof. Teruhiko Kido, Faculty of Health Sciences, Kanazawa University at Hanoi in Vietnam. Rector Nguyen Duc Hinh and Dean of Public Health Truong Viet Dung introduced Prof. Kido’s carrier on scientific researches on long-term effects of Agent Orange/dioxin for Vietnamese human health and environment, collaborating with 10-80 Division, Hanoi Medical University since 2001 and also on educational support of Vietnamese researchers as graduate students in Kanazawa University. This Honorary Professor system in Vietnam has started this year and his award was the first time in Hanoi Medical University, This ceremony was broadcasted by VTV2&4(both are national TV stations) and also was reported by Vietnamese newspaper “Health and Life” which was issued by Vietnamese Ministry of Health and was the most popular in the medical field in Vietnam. Faculty of Medicine, Kanazawa University has agreed to cooperate with Hanoi Medical University since 2006. This autumn, these cooperation and exchange will be advanced between two universities. This award and ongoing collaborative research are expected to contribute to the exchange of two universities.