Memorandum about “Mekong 1000 Project” has been concluded

On Friday, August 20, Vice President Nagano (in charge of research and international affairs), Deputy President Nagao (in charge of international affairs), Professor Miyajima of Institute of Science and Engineering, and Associate Professor Matsuda of International Student Center and others attended the signing ceremony of memorandum regarding “Mekong 1000 Project” held at Can Tho university in Can Tho city, Vietnam. “Mekong 1000 Project” is the scholarship project set up by 13 states in Mekon Delta with the aim of education of human resources to promote industrialization and modernization in Mekong Delta region in Vietnam. By dispatching a thousand youth to graduate schools abroad during the project period, it is expected that they will contribute to the development of economy, etc. in the region. It is expected that Kanazawa University ensures constant distinguished international students in the future by concluding this memorandum.