Director of Experimental Forest, National Taiwan University and others visited to meet with President of Kanazawa University

On September 27th, Dr. Wang Ya-Nan who is the Director of Experimental Forest, National Taiwan University (Taiwan) and five other members, and Mr. Joo-Wan Cha and Ms. Yang Ha-Young from National Institute of Meteorological Research (South Korea) came to attend 2010 International Symposium on Environmental Monitoring in East Asia – Remote Sensing and Field Research for Forest and Precipitation Monitoring – and met with the President of Kanazawa University.
Since Graduate School of Human and Socio-Environment Studies of Kanazawa University reached an academic agreement with College of Liberal Arts, Graduate Institute of Art History of National Taiwan University, mutual exchanges of researchers in arts and sciences fields have continued between the two universities and it is hoped the academic relationship will be developed. As for National Institute of Meteorological Research, it plays a starring role in meteorological research in South Korea. This meeting is expected to encourage exchanges of researchers between Kanazawa University and these institutes.
President Nakamura, Vice President Nagano in charge of Research and International Affairs, Professor Muramoto and Assistant Professor Kubo from Institute of Science and Engineering, along with other members attended the meeting. The representatives agreed to boost exchanges of researchers.