President of Can Tho University and others made a courtesy call on President of Kanazawa University

On December 15th, Prof. Nguyen Anh Tuan, President of Can Tho University (Vietnam), and four other members met President of Kanazawa University.
In 2009, Kanazawa University and Can Tho University concluded the Agreement. In 2010, both universities concluded the Memorandum regarding “Mekong 1000 Project” in which Can Tho University play a central role. This project is the scholarship project set up by 13 states in Mekong Delta with the aim of education of human resources to promote industrialization and modernization in Mekong Delta region in Vietnam. Kanazawa University is contributing to development of human resources by accepting students of the project and President Tuan expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of Kanazawa University.
President Shin-ichi Nakamura, Vice President Isamu Nagano in charge of Research and International Affairs, Prof. Masakatsu Miyajima and Prof. Seiro Omata from Institute of Science and Engineering, along with other members attended the meeting. Both universities agreed to boost academic exchanges.