Certificates of Appreciation were presented to students participated in G7 excursion

Posted: 2024-3-6
English News

 On February 29, students cooperated in the G7 Education Minister’s Meeting Excursion in Toyama and Kanazawa received certificates of appreciation from President Wada.
 During the ceremony, President Wada expressed his gratitude to all students who cooperated in the excursion for their great contribution to this event.
 After the ceremony, all participants took a part in a friendly atmosphere meeting and disscussed the impact from the participation in G7 Education Minister’s Meeting to their further life.
 High school students and special school students who cooperated in the excursion could not participate in the ceremony, but they will receive certificate of appreciation through the directors of their schools.

  • President Wada presents certificate of appreciation to the represantative of students
  • Participants give a speech in the meeting after the ceremony
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