Consul General of Japan in Manaus, Brazil, visits President Wada

Posted: 2023-5-26
English News

On May 19, Mr. Masahiro Ogino, Consul General of Japan in Manaus, Brazil, paid a courtesy visit to President Takashi Wada.
Manaus has deep ties with Japan and Ishikawa, as it is the only city with an Ishikawa Kenjinkai in Brazil, where approximately 30,000 people of Japanese descent live, and many Japanese companies have established operations.
Mr. Ogino spoke about the geographical and cultural characteristics of Manaus.
He mentioned that he would like Kanazawa University students to visit Manaus, as Brazil has many pro-Japanese people as well as many students who study Japanese language. He also expressed his hope for further promotion of research by Professor Shigeto Yoshida of the Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, who is actively engaged in malaria research, based in Manaus. President Wada expressed his positive attitude toward active academic and research exchange, and also accepting students from Manaus who are studying Japanese language and culture.
Kanazawa University has concluded inter-university agreements with three Brazilian universities, including the Federal University of Amazonas in Manaus.



  • From left: Kanazawa University Vice President Shimura, President Wada, Consul General Ogino and Director of International Department Ando
  • Consul General Ogino visits President Wada
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