2023 “KU-SGU Tandem Program” Hosted by the KU-SGU Student Staff Has Started

Posted: 2023-5-24
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“KU-SGU Tandem Program” hosted by the KU-SGU Student Staff* has started, and about 450 international students and Japanese students applied for participation, among which 95 pairs, i.e., 190 of international and Japanese students successfully matched.
The “Tandem Program” is a project to support international students and Japanese students to pair up and have regular one-on-one exchanges and discussions to learn each other’s languages and cultures.
The schedule for the first semester of this year was as follows. It is expected to become a popular project for international exchange at our university because the number of participants increased more than that of previous year.
Apr. 18 ① Program Outline Information Session [Participants: 168 students]
Apr. 19 to 26 Application Period [Applicants: 310 Japanese students, 144 international students]
Apr. 27 ② Matching Information Session (face to face & Online, Japanese & English languages) [Participants: 222 students]
Apr. 26 to May 16 Matching Period [Matching succeeded: 95 pairs]

*KU-SGU Student Staff: A student group that promotes the university’s Top Global University Project (SGU) from the perspective of students
*KU-SGU Tandem_2023(Q1,Q2)

  • Program Outline Information Session
  • Matching Information Session
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