Doctoral Students of KU gathered! KU held “Door to a different field ~the first step – Exploring issues through cross-disciplinary interactions~”

On 31 October, the “Kanazawa University Strategic Project for Research Promotion and Development of Excellent Young Scientists” (hereinafter, “the Project”) held the “Door to a different field ~the first step – Exploring issues through cross-disciplinary interactions~”. Approximately 120 students, mainly doctoral students, took part in this event.

It is one of the significant missions for KU to strengthen the functions of the graduate school, and thereby enhance its research capabilities.

In the Project, KU is reinforcing support for aspiring doctoral students who are to create innovation in Japan and around the world in the future. So, the Project organized this event as part of these supports.

This was the first time that doctoral students selected for the three major pillar of the project, WISE Program for Nano-Precision Medicine, Science, and Technology, KU Doctoral Fellowship Project for Science & Technology and Project for Outstanding Next Generation Ph.D. Students, gathered together. The participating students were divided into 20 groups, transcending research fields, grades and nationalities, on the basis of five themes on social issues. In each group, students introduced his/her research and discussed with each other. Through group work, the students brought their knowledge to each other and, with the supports  of the project’s faculty members, explored the possibilities of interdisciplinary research that contribute to solving social issues.

After the event, students commented that they felt the difficulty of communicating in an easy-to-understand way to researchers in different fields from their own, and that they gained insights into new perspectives that they had not been able to find in their own research. This  event would be an opportunity to create connection between selected students and lead to new research exchanges.

The Project shall strengthen supports for doctoral students through various events that contribute to the improvement of research abilities and career development.