SDGs training program for Indian students at UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

From 13-20 October, Kanazawa University organized the SDGs training programme to learn Ayurveda and Nature conservation inside UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, with 20 students from Indian  University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology.

In this program, coordinated by Associate Professor MAMMADOVA AIDA (Organization of global affairs), students majoring in Ayurveda and environmental conservation stayed in Mount Hakusan UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (Shiramine) for 5 days and interacted with local people through cultural activities, nature preservation and learned about Japanese herbal medicine, as well as compared it with Indian Ayurveda. Participants had a good opportunity to deepen their understanding of biocultural diversity, nature conservation, and sustainable development, as well as learn about local activities towards SDGs.

In addition, under the guidance of Professor Yohei Sasaki (Faculty of Pharmacy, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences), students were able to deepen their understanding of Japanese Kampo medicine by visiting a museum and local facilities for Kampo medicine in Toyama.

At the opening ceremony, Vice-President Shimura delivered a speech, and at the closing ceremony, participants received certificates of completion.