International students participated in the Exchange Program at Kanazawa University for Students from Leiden University.

From June 9 to August 4, 2022, 15 international students from Leiden University in the Netherlands participated in the Exchange Program at Kanazawa University for Students from Leiden University.

During this program, the students were enrolled in the Japanese language courses as well as Japanese culture and society courses, and also participated in the "Tanabata Fes," an exchange event for international students and researchers.

During their two-month stay with us, the students not only deepened their understanding of the Japanese language and culture, but also enjoyed interacting with domestic students.

At the closing ceremony held on the last day of the program, Professor Megumi Shimura, Director of Organization of Global Affairs presented certificates of enrollment to the students, and after the ceremony, the students also had an opportunity to meet Professor Takashi Wada, President of Kanazawa University.

This program has been planned for several years, but was postponed due to the covid19 pandemic. For this reason, it is significant that Kanazawa University was able to offer the exchange program this year while trying to prevent the spread of Covid-19.