Accepting Researchers from Ukraine and Establishment of a Fund to Support Ukraine and Other Countries

In response to the current critical situation in Ukraine caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kanazawa University has decided to accept Ukrainian researchers who are no longer able to secure a safe place for their research. Based on Kanazawa University's past exchange activities with Ukraine, Kanazawa University will accept researchers from Ukrainian universities after publicly inviting applications, and will also provide necessary financial support.

In addition, Kanazawa University has established a fund to support international students and researchers from Ukraine and other countries currently experiencing international difficulties. Through this fund, we intend to provide support to international students and foreign researchers who are in financial difficulties. We would appreciate your warm support and cooperation.

Kanazawa University will continue to provide necessary support to students and researchers from Ukraine and other countries, who are facing internationally difficult conditions, and through these efforts to ensure a safe place for education and research activities.

Takashi Wada, President of Kanazawa University