Nankai University – Kanazawa University Joint Workshop held online

 On March 12, a Nankai University – Kanazawa University Joint Workshop was held online. This event was originally planned to be held in March 2020, two years ago. That was when Covid-19 was brand new and starting to intimidate the world. Facing the unknown threat, we had no choice but postpone the event indefinitely. However, on the occasion of the 12th China-Japan University Presidents’ online Forum in October 2021, we had an opportunity to have an Individual meeting between the International offices of both universities, which led to this event.

  After the video message from President Yamazaki and Vice-president Wan Lei, introduction videos for both universities were played at the opening ceremony. Then the event was divided into 4 sessions: the Human and Social Science-Historical Field, the Human and Social Science-Language Field, the Science and Engineering Field and the Medical and Pharmaceutical Science Field. In each session, the respective participants made research presentations and held active discussions. Some participants were pleased to see their acquaintances from before, even through the screen, and actively exchanged opinions on a variety of topics, including proposals for further exchanges. Some explored research exchanges in new fields and possibilities for student exchanges. Nankai University and Kanazawa University concluded University-level Agreement and MOU in December 2008. Since then, we have been having continued researcher and student exchange especially in the Humanities and Sociology Field. We also started a Double Degree Program in those field for Master's students since 2017. Nankai University will certainly continue to be one of our key partners in research and education