Online Research Contest “KAGAYAKI AWARD 2021”

On December 18, Kanazawa University hosted Online Research Contest “KAGAYAKI AWARD 2021” for Thai and Japanese high school students majoring in science field.

This contest was held for the second time this year and was held online in collaboration with SixERS. The seven finalist teams were selected through a document screening process from a total of 125 applications and presented their research in English. As a result of the final screening, the three teams of Thai high school students won Grand Prize, Excellence Award, and Encouragement Award, and one other team of Japanese high school student won Special Prize.

On the day of the event, a local staff from the university's Bangkok office served as a moderator, and faculty members from the six national universities assisted in the judging. In addition to the research presentations, a student exchange event was held in parallel with the final screening, with a graduate student from Kanazawa University serving as a moderator. The seven finalist teams of Japanese and Thai high school students peer reviewed their research presentations, introduced their hometowns, and engaged in lively student exchange across borders.

We are planning to hold a Study and Job in Japan Fair in March 2022 for Thailand.