Disaster Prevention


2015 Kanazawa University Disaster Drill (Kakuma Campus)


Starting at 11:30 AM Friday, October, 23rd, 2015



 Kanazawa University will conduct an earthquake evacuation drill starting at 11:30 AM Friday, October 23rd, 2015 on the Kakuma Campus. It is targeted at all students, faculty and staff on the Kakuma Campus.

 The purpose of this evacuation drill is to prepare the students, faculty and staff for evacuation in case of an earthquake, and to increase everyone’s daily awareness of disaster prevention. You must protect yourself against disaster.

 Please confirm the evacuation refuges and evacuation routes in order to take appropriate action when disaster strikes.


 This drill will simulate an earthquake with an intensity of above 6 in the Hokuriku area, in which there is no major damage to buildings and it is possible to evacuate outside.


 Drill Content

 ・Campus-wide simultaneous evacuation to the designated evacuation refuges


 Students, faculty and staff must check out the drill manual before taking part in the drill.


★The Drill Manual

  ◇Content of implementation for 2015 Kanazawa University Disaster Drill ( Kakuma Campus)

  ◇Refuge area map   ・the North area   ・the Central area   ・the South area  


  ◇Procedural Manual for Drill(for faculty in charge of lectures 2nd period)